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Your Donation to Montana Horsepower Retreats ensures that we can continue to change lives through Equine Gestalt for many years to come.  We are a 501c3 non profit and are truly excited to be able to enhance the lives of many deserving women who could not afford it otherwise.  It uses the facilities at Bonanza Creek Ranch which currently has a successful retreat program.

Montana Horsepower Retreats hosts retreats for up to twelve individuals providing a cabin, meals, a peaceful environment in the mountains, life coaching by certified equine gestalt coaches providing individual and/or group therapy, and horses for riding, teaching, and healing. The retreat may also provide outdoor activities such as horseback riding, fishing, and relaxing in a quiet and scenic location.

To a lesser degree, it will also provide funding for those in need to attend already established Retreats at Bonanza Creek.  

In 2024, we have retreats funded by Montana Horsepower for Montana Women’s Veterans, Montana teens and Montana healthcare workers, and that’s thanks to supporters like YOU!

To make as big an impact as possible, please consider making your tax deductible gift a monthly gift! Even small gifts given monthly have a HUGE impact on our organization.

For tax purposes the EIN # is 92-2813720

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