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Montana Horsepower Retreats was developed knowing the value of life coaching with the Equine Gestalt method, empowering individuals to take back their lives.

Montana Horsepower serves men, women and children who have past or present trauma, PTSD, abuse, or in need of emotional healing in their life and have a lack of income, occupation, or education.  It is for those who love nature, horses, and desire to become whole.  Many circumstances in life disrupt the process of becoming who we are meant to be.    

We presently provide retreats for Montana teens, Montana healthcare workers, and provide one of the few retreats available for women only veterans.

The retreats will be held at Bonanza Creek Ranch which currently has a successful retreat program.

Montana Horsepower hosts retreats for up to 10 individuals providing a cabin, meals, a peaceful environment in the mountains, life coaching by certified equine gestalt coaches providing individual and/or group therapy, and horses for riding, teaching, and healing. The retreat may also include outdoor activities such as horseback riding, fishing, and relaxing in a quiet, peaceful and scenic environment and classes for learning life skills and who we are. To a lesser degree, it provides funding for those in need to attend already established Retreats hosted by Bonanza Creek Ranch.

Financing will be provided through private donations, grants, and public donations.

“I’ve never been happier to be a woman with troubles and obstacles in my life. This place is where you go to realize life is hard, and day by day we struggle, but there are people in the world going through the same thing and THEY TRULY CARE. You learn to understand that you can’t avoid anything in this life, but we learn that WE have the power to overcome anything. We are stronger than we realize, and the growth out of those obstacles is astronomically rewarding. This retreat has saved my life in more ways than one! So blessed to be a part of this experience!”  Nicole

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